Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New Zealand

Pacific Ocean-New Zealand-Auckland  Auckland the gateway to New Zealand. I had been here in the early 1990s and felt it was like Ireland 20 years before that. Since then it had changed progressed a lot. A beautiful country with great food , scenery and people. In Auckland noticed a large increase in immigration since the last time. 

New Zealand operates a number of different postal operators . This stamp is from Universal mail. They have their own postboxes. But as you can see no postmark? 

Pacific Ocean-New Zealand-Palmerston North   I came here to stay on a farm. This area was very rural and beautiful . 

This time I used a regular New Zealand Post stamp. 

Pacific Ocean-New Zealand-Wellington  Wellington is marketed as "The coolest little capital in the world " by New Zealand tourism. It is very easy to get around as being quite small . Parliament sits  here. 

This postcard has the dreded double postmark. New Zealand and Ireland. 

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