Thursday, 1 August 2013

Chatham Islands, New Zealand and Sub Antarctic Islands

Pacific Ocean-Chatham Islands-Waitangi  Chatham Islands belong to New Zealand. They are right on the Date line and many consider these Islands to be the first to see the day in the world. These Islands have there own culture as well. 

Chatham has its own small post office. Here sorry to say have a double postmark with Waitangi and the Irish Post mark. 

Pacific Ocean-New Zealand-Invercargill  Invercargill is on the South Island very south. The main attraction here is the Southland Museum . 

New Zealand stamp with a hard to read postmark due to the dark colour of the stamp. 

Pacific Ocean-New Zealand-Bluff   Well this is as south as it gets in New Zealand. Surprised to find out that Bluff is the oldest European town in New Zealand.One of the least expensive places to live in New Zealand as not much to do here.  As you may guess the reason to be here is to board a ship. Making my way to Antarctica and ending up in Tasmania. . 

Standard New Zealand Postmark. 

Antarctica-New Zealand-Auckland Islands  Here you see a  " Sooty" the most distinctive of the Albatross family . Nests high up in these Islands. Had a special board walk to get here. No population here just scientists and wildlife officers. 

With no population here there is not a post office. So posted in New Zealand prior to departure. 

Antarctica-New Zealand-Campbell Islands. The other sub Antarctic Island belonging to New Zealand. This is a Subantarctic Daisy. Around here spend time looking at wildlife. Both Campbell and Auckland are World Heritage Sites. 

Posted prior to departure as no permanent population here. 

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