Saturday, 27 July 2013

Northern Ireland and Ireland

Europe-Northern Ireland-Armagh-Armagh City  This is centre of the Catholic church in Ireland. It has two cathedrals. 

This is a United Kingdom stamp featuring a part of Northern Ireland. 

Europe-Ireland-Waterford-Waterford City    Here you can see Waterford from the Bridge that you cross into going into Waterford. Waterford is famous for its Glass. Most of the production is now outside Ireland. But still a small outlet to go with and to understand the process of making the Glass. 

In 2005 the Tall Ships came to Waterford. So the stamp shows a tall ship. 

Europe-Ireland-Tipperary-Clonmel   Clommel is not a very exciting town to visit. 

A nice butterfly stamp. This postcard was mailed in Clonmel but processed in Port Laoise which is near the centre of Ireland. 

Europe-Northern Ireland-Down-Hillsborough  This area is a very nice town to visit. It is a picturesque Georgian Village with historic landmarks. Just across the border from Ireland. 

The stamp on the right is a Northern Ireland Definitive featuring the Giants Causway which is a World Heritage site. 

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