Thursday, 25 July 2013

Zanzibar and Tanzania

Africa-Zanzibar-Stone Town  .Zanzibar a little bit magical . You clearly know you are in Islamic part of Tanzania. The old town along the the front facing the sea is very interesting. Lots to see from Spice to the slave trade. Old Stone Town is a World Heritage Site. 

The Main Post office in Stone Town, well the postmark is Shangani which is the area of the Post office. The Post office had lots of stamps to choose from . The most tourists I had seen in the whole of this voyage where here. Unfortunately the Irish Post office also have their postmark on this too. 

Africa-Tanzania-Dar Es Salaam   The main commercial city in Tanzania. Not a lot to see here apart from the Museum. So the postcards reflect that with no postcard of Dar Es Salaam . Here is a rural scene. I like this postcard . 

The Post office here was quite chaotic . A lot going on. Not as organised as Zanzibar. 

Tanzania-Dar Es Salaam Well this is the ship "Island Sky" that took me safely around the islands with about 60 other passengers. A great trip. This ship had been home for 3 weeks and a ship I have been on a few times. When you want to get to remote Islands it is smaller ships you need to go on. 

The final postcard on this trip. At least finishing off with a nice postmark. Trip finished on January 4 2008. So another year of postcards gone and more interesting ones for 2008. 


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