Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Scotland Orkney and Shetland Islands

Europe-Scotland-New Lanark   A World Heritage Site. A old Working village that is very well preserved and a great place to visit. 

The stamp on the right shows a Viaduct in Scotland. Postmarks in Scotland are mostly always faint as you will see from these cards. 

Europe-Scotland-Orkney Islands-Kirkwall This is the old harbour and dates from the early 19th century. Kirkwall is the main town in the Orkneys and has a population of about 8,000. If you want to find a little ole world , this is it here. 

A Scottish Definitive stamp on the right. 

Europe-Scotland-Orkney Islands-Storomness   Here you can see the harbour at Stromness . 

You can just about see that this has a Orkney Postmark. The Stamp is part of a miniature sheet featuring Scotland. 

Europe-Scotland-Skara Brae  A neolithic site from 3000 BC. Also a World Heritage Site. Considered to be the best preserved prehistoric site in Northern Europe. 

All little Post offices up here. 

Europe-Scotland-Shetland Islands-Lerwick  Here is a good overview of the the Shetland Islands. The wind can blow quite strong here that you dont see many trees in some parts. Felt very remote in parts. Flights to the Scottish Islands here are not cheap, but I have to say all these Islands are very interesting to visit . 

Here we have the Scottish flag on the right. . 

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