Friday, 5 July 2013

Ryukyu Islands - Okinawa - Minami Daito

Pacific Ocean-Ryukyu Islands-Okinawa-Naha  My first stop in Japan. Here we have Shurijo Castle which is also a World Heritage Site. 

These stamps are part of the Okinawa Prefecture set of stamps. 

Pacific Ocean-Ryukyu Islands-Okinawa- Naha   This is the Royal Garden at Shikinaen. Very pleasing to visit  

A Japanese Definitive stamp on the left and a Okinawa Prefecture stamp on the right.  

Pacific Ocean-Ryukyu Islands-Okinawa-Minami Daito  A very small Island . Flew here from Okinawa . Stayed here a few days. There was one English speaking teacher on the Island so when I was there , he was fetched to have dinner with me. Very remote and glad I visited. 

There was just a postbox here to mail the card. I see it got a Naha Postmark  so I guess all the mail is sent to Naha for processing. 

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