Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tasmania and Cradle Mountain

Pacific Ocean-Tasmania-Hobart   Hobart the capital of Tasmania. Arrived here by ship from the Antarctica voyage and a great way to arrive . Just like the picture on the bottom left of the postcard. 

It had been 8 years since last time in Australia. So noticed a updated look for the Post offices. So a selection of stamps was available. Here you see a Hobart postmark. 

Pacific Ocean-Tasmania-Cradle Mountain   Driving to Cradle Mountain which is in the middle of the Island slightly north was amazing. One of those drives you will never forget. First of all you had the different sky colours , changing including orange and red colours. The different textures and colour of the land. Then driving through a National Park and seeing Wallaby's and many different animals. This area is part of Tasmania Wilderness which is a World Heritage site. A must see place.  

This Postcard has a hand-stamp. Really like these Australian stamps. 

Pacific Ocean-Tasmania-Cradle Mountain   This is where I stayed . You are surrounded my trees and nature. From your bedroom  window you had a view into the forest and at night , it was like being in the Zoo looking and spotting the wildlife. 

Another beautiful stamp from Australia. 

Pacific Ocean-Tasmania-Launceston  My final stop in Tasmania. Remember seeing many of these sights including the Gorge which is on the top left on the postcard. A great way to see Tasmania from Hobart to Launceston with Cradle Mountain in between. 

Finishing this set off with a Koala Bear. I see this postcard has a Hobart postmark for some reason. I guess they sent the mail there for processing. 

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