Monday, 5 August 2013

Lord Howe Island, Australia and 3 World Heritage Sites.

Pacific Ocean-Lord Howe Island  What a Beautiful Island to visit. It has all you want, with great beaches and just an amazing place. It is quite an expensive flight from Sydney but worth it. This Island is also a World Heritage Site. The hotel gave me a Bicycle to get around. Good way to see the Island, but oh my ,my legs did hurt. Have not cycled in years ! Somehow the pain was worth it. An Outstanding Island. 

Lord Howe Issues its own local courier stamps, for use in local mail. So here we have the courier stamps on the left. The next day to the Post office and sent international from there. Very nice postmark. 

Pacific Ocean-Australia-Sydney  The Iconic Opera House , also a World Heritage site. I had been in here a number of times in the past. The red sky you see here is the same colour I did see when in Tasmania. Sydney one of my favourite cities in the world. 

This stamp features the Royal Exhibition Hall in Melbourne which is also a World Heritage site. I have not visited that hall as when I was in Melbourne previously it was not inscribed then.  A laser printed postmark. Not very fond of those postmarks. 

Pacific Ocean-Australia-Katoomba  This is the Blue Mountains. I had wanted to visit before but never got the chance. You have a mix of the Cable car and the Railway which is quite steep. Still some great views and glad I visited. Also a World Heritage Site. 

Another laser printed Postmark. Posted in a mail box at the Blue Mountains. 

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  1. Wonderful Lord Howe Island postcard (I never heard of it)and with fantastic stamps too...