Thursday, 3 October 2013

Albania - World Heritage Sites

Europe-Albania-Butrini  The top two  cards here are from World Heritage sites in Albania. This is the Amphiteatre  in Butrini. Very enjoyable visit. 

All these postcards got posted in local areas, but I see they all ended up with a Saranda Postmark. 

Europe-Albania-Gjirokastra   These houses were amazing and I visited one of them inside. Very tall. 

It is usual for me to use the same stamps on each card,but that is all the Post office had. 

Europe-Albania-Saranda  I had arrived by ferry from Cofu. A short trip away. Actually this was a very nice town to visit. I spend the full day on this trip and it was great. I had been to Albania twice before. Once to Tirana in the mid 1980s and then a few years ago crossing the border from Romania. Albania has certainly moved onwards and  upwards since my last visit. 

At lest the postmark is quite clear. 

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