Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Atlantic Ocean-Azores-Terceira   Here is the main square Angra do Heroismo . This is exactly how it looks in the evening. The Azores was a bit of  a surprise in that more to see then I had expected. Sort of like Old Portugal. This town is a well deserved World Heritage Site . 

To my surprise the stamps on offer at the Post office were only Portuguese. I mean surprise in that they had no optional Azores stamps. So I had to buy a booklet from the Philatelic section to get some Azores stamps. 

Atlantic Ocean-Azores-Faial-Horta  This is the island of Faial  and flew here on way to Pico . 

Another stamp from the Azores Booklet. 

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  1. I have ancestors from the Azores. Thank you for sharing these postcards!