Wednesday, 30 October 2013

World Heritage Sites-Azores and Portugal

Atlantic Ocean-Azores-Pico Here you can see Mount Pico the highest Mountain in the Azores and Portugal. Around this area visited Volcanic vineyards which is also a World Heritage site. I was lucky on the day , I could nearly see the top . 

This card was posted in Sao Raque on the Island of Pico , Azores. 

Europe-Portugal-Sintra  The Royal Palace in Sintra is a fantastic site. Well worth the walk at the end up the hill. Lots of different styles of architecture . Inside well furnished. Another World Heritage Site. 

I have posted many postcards in Lisbon over the years and most do not end up with a postmark. So this one passed the test.  Was back in Lisbon and on my way to Africa. 

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