Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Belgium World Heritage Sites

Europe-Belgium-Brussels  This postcard is showing a part of the Staircase in the house of Victor Horta in Brussels. This is in a Art Nouveau style. Really liked my visit here , pity I could not get a better postcard. A World Heritage Site. 

I have looked at this stamp many times and I just cant see the value on it. Am I missing something? 

Europe-Belgium-Bruges   I had to visit here after seeing the Irish film " In Bruges" . It was well worth the track . A charming old city with much to see. I did climb the tower you see at the bottom centre in the postcard for great views. Also a World Heritage Site. 

On this stamp you can sure see the value. In Belgium, I find it difficult to get a good selection of stamps at any post office. 

Europe-Belgium-Bruges  This is a special convent I visited. Very quite and serene. The last of my World Heritage stops on this Belgium trip. 

This is another stamp from the music set which I cant locate the value. ?? 

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  1. Great to see my country here!

    I know there is not much variety of stamps at our postoffices... Next time you come to Belgium let me know and I will send you some nice stamps to use!^^