Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lebanon and Syria

Middle East-Lebanon-Anjar  Arrived in Beirut and stopped here on the way to the border with Syria. These foundations are from the 8th Century . It is a surprisingly large site and spend some time here visiting. I had wanted to go to Lebanon before but did not due to security issues. Most of the sites I visited on this trip were World Heritage , like this one. 

A large stamp and also a large Postmark. 

Middle East-Syria-Damascus  Without doubt one of my favourite cities in the Middle East. It was very friendly and so much to see in this historical place. Here you see the Gate going into the old city. I was lucky to visit in 2008 , before the security issue changed. Damascus was a pure joy from the bazaar in the old city to the outskirts. Lucky to have seen it at this time. the Ancient city is a World Heritage Site.  

I found it difficult to find postcards in Damascus. Luckily I found a shop near the Post office. The main Post office Philatelic section had limited selection. Though they had a large choice of stamps featuring Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria. 

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