Thursday, 21 November 2013

Dominica and St.Lucia World Heritage Sites

Caribbean-Dominica-Rosseau  This island is not a very big destination as far as Cruises are concerned. But it is sure very good to visit. I think it has the right balance. But not really a beach Island. More of a Natural Green Island. The Rainforest is great to visit and also a World Heritage Site. 

The Post office in Dominica had a great selection of stamps. Here you see the then newly elected President of the United States. 

Caribbean-St.Lucia-Castries   This is my second time to this Island. The last time I ended up in the Dentists chair and my trip to the interior never happened. So this time I did get to see these marvellous Peaks. Known as Pitons.A World Heritage Site. The Scenery on this Island is fantastic , one of the best to visit in the Caribbean.  

The last time I was here my postcard came back with no postmark. So I had to send it back to the Post office to get cancelled. This time first time. This is a  Definitive stamp. 


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