Friday, 1 November 2013

Ivory Coast and Ghana

Africa-Ivory Coast-Abidjan  This city had a lot of modern buildings compared to the rest of West Africa I had visited. It was a city of haves and have nots. You could see it in the style of some of the locals. In saying that it was not a good time to visit. Tensions and dangers and had to mindful when walking about. The Post office was very near the hotel, just by chance. So seen very little due to what was going on . 

When I got to the post office it was just about to close. So managed to get a stamp and put it in a new looking Post box. Often that is not a good idea. Well here it worked. 

Africa-Ghana-Accra  By far the easiest and safest country to visit around in West Africa. English is the main language. So spend a lot of time travelling outside the city , which was a change for me. 

The Post office here has to get poor marks. I went to the Philatelic section. They have a separate office next door to the Main Post Office. A great selection of stamps and all well displayed. When looking at the stamps , I told them I wanted to buy some to use on my postcards. Well that was it. I could not buy any! They were not for use on the mail, they were only for collectors. They said the Post office would not accept them on mail as they had not got the money for them . The money went to the Philatelic section and not the Post office. So I had to leave and go to the main post office . As you can see they were overprinting stamps as they had not got enough of the correct values. It reminded me of North Korea when I could not use any stamps with the "Dear Leader " on them in the mail.. !! .  


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