Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ghana and Togo

Africa-Ghana-Accra This postcard shows Elmna Castle which was a European structure built by the Portuguese in 1482. This was a trade centre for Gold and Slaves. A World Heritage Site. 

Another overprinted stamp postmarked Accra Central. Unfortunately also got a Irish laser postmark as well. 

Africa-Togo-Lome  Crossed the border by road . Togo was very poor indeed even by the standards of the other countries I had visited on this trip. But safe enough to go around . This postcard is one of my favourites in my collection. Most of my cards show places , so nice to see a smiling face. 

The Togo Post office had no choice of stamps . So this was it. Interesting to find a postmark for Depart. 

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  1. Stunning postcard from Togo! I love this colors and a smile on woman face! :)