Wednesday, 27 November 2013

St. Kitts - World Heritage Site.

Caribbean-St.Kitts-Basseterre  The capital of St.Kitts is certainly a laid back affair. Would not win a beauty competition. Here you see the Independence square which is one of the nicest parts to see. 

I was here on a Saturday off the Cruise ship. I had been to Nevis and by the time I got back here , the Post office was closed. So I had to arrange in advance to get some stamps . Unfortunately all I could get was Christmas stamps, which are fine, but not for use in May !. Still a clear postmark. 

Caribbean-St.Kitts-Brimstone Hill  This old fort is a World Heritage Site. It was well laid out . The museum was excellent with very good illustrations and information. 

This card was posted in Basseterre as there was no post boxes near this site. 

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