Thursday, 7 November 2013

United Kingdom - World Heritage Sites.

Europe-United Kingdom-England-London  Westminster Abbey. I had past many times when I was in London but had not gone in. This time I arranged to go in when they were have a special service on Saturday evening. This included Carol Singing. It was marvellous . Also a World Heritage Site. 

Postmarks in the United Kingdom leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe they need to safe ink? I like the perforations on this stamp. Very cleaver, like a jigsaw. 

Europe-United Kingdom-England-Greenwich   When I think of Greenwich I used to think of the famous Cutty Sark ship. My father had brought me to see when I was young and never forgot it. This time I was here to learn all about Greenwich Mean time and all that. Very very interesting museum there and also a fab Maritime one too. A must visit place and a World Heritage site as well. 

I quite like the design on this stamp and how it is portrayed.

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