Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Africa-Benin-Cotonou  Crossing the border here to here from Togo was a bit of hassle. The border guards kept suggesting that I would have to go back to Cotonou to get my Togo Lome to get my visa. However when they seen how bothered I was they said they could get me a visa. I agreed, but when they put the visa sticker on I discovered it was a lower price. So I demanded the difference back or I would make a scene. So they refunded me. I guess it was the usual bribe stuff. What a welcome to Benin. Visited the World Heritage site here, the old Royal Palace. The building on the top of the postcard, I also tried to visit. But the Army wanted another bribe. In fact the driver I had had to pay two bribes to get me to the Royal Palaces. So corruption rife here . 

When I got to the post office it was " Closed ". Again I think this was another way to get money. There was a guy outside with a table and chairs selling Postcards and stamps. He told me he fills in for the Post office when it is " Closed". So not sure what was going on there. But did post the Postcard and it arrive back ok. 


  1. Always interesting to read about your travel experiences! Keep on posting! :)

  2. one is not sure what to be more envious of...the fact you have postcards from all these places or that you've actually been there :D

    always a great reading treat!

  3. Thank you, Glad you like the postings. It is sometimes difficult to remember all as these trips were taken in 2009. So hopefully as I catch up now , I can recall more of these trips. Later on when this blog is up to date, the postcards will be supplemented with photos. David