Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Anguilla and Saba

Caribbean-Anguilla-The Valley  Arrived here on the boat from St.Martin. I believe Anguilla has some wonderful beaches, however during my day visit, I did not see any.. I spent the time in the capital which is The Valley. I can see why I could not find a postcard of the Valley.. It is really a " One horse Town".. One long street and that is it.. Nothing to write home about. So the charms of Anguilla pasted me by from the time I arrived at Immigration to leaving.. 

The Post office is bang in the centre of the main street. A large modern Post office and quite busy. 

Caribbean-Netherlands Leeward Islands-Saba  Here you can see on the bottom left , I believe the shortest international runway in the world for commercial flights. Amazing coming into land.. The main town is called the Bottom..But in fact I spent the time at "The top... not sure what that village is called. 

At this time Saba issued stamps from "Netherlands Antilles ". Just like most of my trips around the Antilles stamps were a big issue , or lack of them. When I went to the Post office I was offered Sticky labels. Which I don't use. So I went to  every hotel and one of them just happened to have two regular stamps. So here they are.. They look like labels but they are at least stamps as we know them. The Post office told me they had no regular stamps for over 6 weeks at this time! 

Caribbean-Netherlands Caribbean- The Bottom   Here you can see a overhead view of the Island. 

The year after I was here, the Netherlands Antilles ceased to exist. Some of the Islands were renamed Caribisch Nederland or Netherlands Caribbean.. I sent back this Postcard to the Island with the new Stamps.. 

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