Sunday, 1 December 2013

St.Maarten and St.Martin

Caribbean-St.Maarten-Philisburg  My Cruise had finished so now flying in the Caribbean. The airport on St.Maarten is quite famous for how near the planes land in relation to where the beach is.  A nice airport too. This island is divided in two between St.Maarten ( Dutch) and St.Martin (French) . 

A very busy post office. Mainly sending payments abroad. The Post office said they had no stamps. They were putting sticky labels on the mail when I was here. However , I managed to persuade the Postmaster to find  a stamp somewhere in the  back of the office. 

Caribbean-Leeward Islands French-St.Martin-Marigot   I stayed on this side of the Island and certainly preferred it. Well French food was always going to be a winner on that score. 

St.Martin uses French stamps as this island is part of France. Part of the territory in the Caribbean of Guadeloupe as seen on the Postmark. 


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