Thursday, 5 December 2013

Martinique and Canouan , St.Vincent Grenadines

Caribbean-Martinique-Fort de France   To be fair to Martinique I decided not to stay over.. I had not enjoyed Guadeloupe and decided I would not do the stay in Martinique. However, the airport was excellent . Here you see a view of Ford de France. 

Posted at the Airport in Fort de France. 

Caribbean-St.Vincent-Canouan  Here I am on the Ferry going from Kingston in St.Vincent to The Grenadines. On a Saturday the Ferry visits many of the Islands . So a long day in store. I had been to St.Vincent before . Canouan was my first stop. Just by chance the local Customs official sat beside me and we chatted on the way. The stop in Canouan was very short. So she took my postcard and promised to post it on the Island. Canouan at that time was developing a major Tourist resort.  

This is a Canouan stamp with a Canouan Postmark. These stamps are not officially recognised by the Post office in St.Vincent . They were issued by the Philatelic Bureau. 

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