Friday, 6 December 2013

St.Vincent and The Grenadines - Union Island

Caribbean-St.Vincent and the Grenadines-Union Island   Spent the day on Union Island. A busy island and beautiful . It was just plain Caribbean without the tourist infracstructure. 

These are the official stamps from St.Vincent and the Grenadines. At the time I purchased them they were not even in most stamps catalogues. They were only available from the Post office, not the Philatelic Bureau. 

Caribbean-St.Vincent-Union Island   The local town was full of life.. Reminded me a little like the Cays of Belize. 

This is a Union Island stamp. In each Post office I went to in the Grenadines I sent a postcard back with each stamp and the Post office ones. I had been told in the Post office in Kingston that if they see these stamps on mail it may not go through. The Post office in St.Vincent is privatised so they do not get any income from the Sale of Postage stamps from the Philatelic Bureau. So it is like having two separate Post offices for one country. 


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