Friday, 3 January 2014

Nuku Hiva - Marquesas Islands

Pacific Ocean-Marquesas Islands-Nuku Hiva  One of the most beautiful Islands I have ever visited. Nuku Hiva is part of French Polynesia . Expensive to fly here from Tahiti but worth every penny. From the wonderful coastline to the interior, either way a little part of Paradise is here. 

A very nice Post office here at Taiohae the main town in Nuku Hiva. A good selection of stamps. I could not resist this stamp showing a tourist  on the Moon with a flag..The Flag is from the same fabric as shirt. Fab ! 

Pacific Ocean-Marquesas Islands-Nuku Hiva  This is a carved Postcard. The first one I had ever seen. The bottom of the card is inscribed Nuku Hiva . Showing fish. My days were spend here walking around the Island and discovering all it had to offer. Would love to go back. 

Was not sure how  the Post office would deal with a Postcard made of wood. But it made it home. One of my treasured Postcards from a Island that far exceeded my expectations. 

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