Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pitcairn Island and Henderson World Heritage Site.

Pacific Ocean-Pitcairn Island  A lot of research went into getting here. I had planned to do this trip a number of years before, but I discovered that the ship what was doing the trip rarely managed to land passengers ashore. So I cancelled. On this trip, I learned before I booked that the head of the Expedition had a 100% record of landing on arrival. Many times it is down to how much effort the crew will put in to getting passengers ashore. Of course if the weather is very bad, well then there is nothing one can do. On the morning we set sight of Pitcairn and it was a wonderful blue skies day and calm waters. We had specialists on board to tell us all about Pitcairn and all the Bounty films. One of my fellow passengers had seen Mutiny  on the Bounty 72 times. !! The locals came out with long boats which had engines. They were quite large and we headed for Pitcarin , about 10 mins away from the ship anchored off shore. A walk up the hill to the main settlement of Adamstown. The population when I was here was 51. One of my dream destinations and delighted to be onshore. Spend quite a bit of time speaking to the locals, and purchased some of their famous honey. 

The Post office opened for the ship and was busy getting mail ready to go out as well as processing all the passengers who managed to cram into the small Post office. 

Pacific Ocean-Henderson Island   The next day we sailed to Henderson. A wonderful sort of flat Island with loads of bird life. Very like this miniature sheet. Also a great sandy beach. A rarely visited World Heritage Site. 

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  1. I usually don't pay a lot of attention to stamps but this ones with turtles are really amazing!