Monday, 20 January 2014

Easter Island

Pacific Ocean-Easter Island-Hanga Roa  Well it was such a joy getting here. I had not expected so much of Easter Island. Well photos do no justice to those famous statues. Pretty amazing for sure. It is only when you are here that your realise how remote the place is. But well worth the trip. Easter Island is a excellent World Heritage Site. 

The Post office here really did not have any stamps and had to come back the next day. Luckily was here for 3 days. This is a basic definitive stamp issue. 

Pacific Ocean-Easter Island-Hanga Roa  This is the ship which we started on the cruise. The Clipper Odyssey. It started in Tahiti and last stop was here , Easter Island. A great ship with great service. This was the only way I could be more certain I could land on Pitcairn Island. 

The Post office also had this miniature sheet for sale in a back shelf. They were trying to tell me not for Postage, but I ignored them. Not the first time I had come across this. The sheet itself is imperf. 

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