Friday, 28 March 2014


Atlantic Ocean-Greenland-Kulusuk  This is East Greenland. Flew from Iceland . The Scenary is spectacular and great looking out of the plane as you come into land. This is very light populated part of Greenland. The village homes are all painted bright and different colours. Most houses had no running water and went to a nearby building for Showers . Intersting chatting with the locals who had could understand English and seeing their way of life. Enjoyed my stay here. 

The local Post office was not busy and in fact I had to go and find the official working there in a nearby shop. This card took about 3 months to get back to me, so thought it was lost, but made it at long last. Pity the postmark is so faint. 


  1. With every visit to your blog I'm more and more amazed by all the places you have been (I'm always looking forward to a new update^^)...and sending yourself postcards from each place was such a great idea...they all are wonderful souvenirs!!

  2. Thanks Gerda, yes they have been and all great memories. Unfortunately I had been to near 100 countries , when I started this postcard collection. So having to go back to them. But enjoyed my second visits too. Thanks for your kind comments.