Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wales and Scotland-United Kingdom

Europe-United Kingdom-Wales-Blaenavon  I had been to a few mines on my trips . The previous one was in Spitsbergen in Norway. This is also a coal Pit and is a World Heritage Site. Very very interesting and a lot to see. This was my final World Heritage site in the UK to visit. You really need to have a car in this part of Wales to visit, but luckily I had friends in that area . 

It is not always the case that mail posted in Wales gets a welsh postmark , like this one did in Cardiff. Some mail gets cancelled in Bristol in England , so pleased with this. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Scotland-Edinburgh   I had over the years gone across this bridge a few times. But this was the first time I had stopped to pay attention to it. A great site and famous in Scotland. The second longest span for a cantilever bridge in the world. A great Coffee shop across the road , nice to relax and view the bridge. 

Most of my cards mailed in Scotland get a postmark that is near impossible to read. I know the Scots have a name for meanness but saving the ink on postmarks goes a bit too far !!! ( Just a joke). So delighted to at last get a clear Edinburgh postmark. 

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