Saturday, 8 March 2014


Arrived Nairobi on my second last Country on this trip. In Nairobi visited the Karen Blixen museum. Karen wrote " Out of Africa" so very interesting.  My trip to the Post office was eventful. I found the Philatelic section.  I selected a selection from the December issue of 50 years of independence. However any stamps purchased at this section are plus 16%vat.  If purchased at the stamp counter no vat !  I have not had this before.  But the stamps were only available at the philatelic section so I bought them there.  
Coming out of the main building. I took some photos of the Post Office and was detained and nearly arrested by the police !!  I had to explain in detail why anyone would want a photo of a Post office. I had to delete the pics. This one I took earlier.  

Next off to Masi Mara. No post office here but great wildlife.  So will post the extra postcards in Nairobi.  


  1. I suppose they are on heightened security because of the shopping mall siege. Interesting tales

  2. Great wildlife photos! I guess no one was asking you to delete those. :-P

  3. ...Great pics! Must be fantastic to see wildlife in their natural habitats!!
    Lucky you had already one photo of the postoffice to show us. :D
    And African beauty nr 2 arrived..Burundi (travelled for only 7 days) Thanks a lot!! :D