Tuesday, 11 March 2014

South Sudan

Arrived in South Sudan. In parts looks like a set from a Rambo movie. So many soldiers with loads of ammo. 

Full of United Nations guys planes and trucks.  

Was told by my hotel that there is no Post office here.  In fact not well known they tried to send me to DHL. I did indeed find the only Post Office in Juba. Lucky for me the guy with the key for the stamps was found "James". So here u see some photos and my postcards are now on the way via Khartoum I was told. 
Stamps are expensive at 2USD each. 
Still very rare to find a South Sudan postcard with South Sudan stamps. 

This has been a great trip.  


  1. Amazing. I didn't think it would be possible to visit at this time. Great blog updates :)

  2. I've enjoyed all your photos from this trip, but this set absolutely "takes the cake"! What an incredible/unique place to get to visit!

  3. wow David, postcard-wise South Sudan is the holy grale

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