Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ethiopia and Djibouti

Africa-Ethiopia-Addis Ababa   This Postcard is showing the Martyr's Monument in Addis. The city is busy. Visited the excellent museums here. One of my best memories of was a high quality Italian restaurant with great pasta. I ended up sharing a meal with a diplomat from Lebanon , with some interesting insights into the world of Consular affairs. 

These stamps were recently issued and a nice set. The Philatelic section was very helpful and a nice clean Post office . These stamps show city monuments. 

Africa-Djibouti-Djibouti City   Arriving here , all I could see was sand and dust.. Certainly very Arabian compared to Ethiopia . Very safe here as lots of U.S and French Soldiers share bases in this important strategic location in the Horn of Africa. The city had a mix of Luxury hotels to simple buildings.  These buildings are in down town Djibouti City.  

The Post office here was very helpful in getting me a selection of stamps. That is once they found the key to were the stamps was. The cancellation are pure French and very similar to the ones that are  used in its overseas Territories. 

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