Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ile Amsterdam- TAAF

Antarctrica-French Southern and Antarctic Lands-Ile Amsterdam My last stop on this Territory . Always good to get off the ship and get some nice lobster from the ship down here. The weather was very agreeable and not as windy as I had expected. 

Antarctica-French Southern and Antarctic Lands Here is the ship that brought me to this French Territory from Reunion. To get on and off the Islands one must use helicopters and the same for cargo and supplies. 

This postcard has a double stamping. It was originaly postmarked in Ile Amsterdam/St.Paul . I then took the card with me to Reunion which was my final stop on this expedition cruise and mailed it from there. So the postmark on the right is from Le Reunion , France. 
Here you can see the excellent base Martin de Vivies , on Ile Amsterdam. About 30-50 scientists here at one time. The Post offices were the best I had seen on remote islands. Very well equipped . The Postmasters were all very friendly and obligiing with all the photographs I took.

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  1. I have the same postcard of the cute yawning seal! :-D