Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ile Crozet and Kerguelen - French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Antarctica-French Southern and Antarctic Lands-Ile Crozet  Arrived on the French Supply ship Le Marion Dufresne from Reunion. This trip took some time putting together as I had a number of fellow traveller friends on this trip. Trips down here are often fully booked years in advance, I think I booked this 2 years previously. What a great sight to see the Albatros here. It can be quite wild with no trees here. There are really just scientists and volunteers here that stay up to two years. Still a full working base with many facilities. 

On the ship there is in fact a Philatlic sales point. So I was able to select my stamps while on board. This ship is the only way that new issues are brought here for sale. The Post offices here are all top quality and full functioning. But only busy when the ship comes in. 

Antarctica-French Southern and Antarctic Lands-Kerguelen   Here you see King Penguins. There are so many here. Great to visit and meet the special Scientists that study them. The weather was quite mild , compared to my last trip to Ross Dependency . A lot of walking, but we also had use of helicopter to get to the outer areas. 

On Ship there are so many postcards and envelopes sent from France to be postmarked , a number of the passangers are involved in the cancelling of the covers. So it was a great experience to see all the different requests for postmarks while here. All my postcards where postmarked at the Post office itself , as I personally handed them over. The stamp on the bottom right is the flag of TAAF. 

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  1. Wonderful postcards...great variety of stamps and cancellation! :)