Friday, 4 April 2014


Indian Ocean-Mauritius-Port Louis  This is the waterfront and the view from my hotel. This was my first stop on this Indian Ocean trip and beyond. Port Louis is a busy crowed city . 

This is a gold embossed stamp featuring the ex President. There is not only a excellent Post Office and Philatelic service but two Postal Museums !  

Indian Ocean-Mauritius-Plaisance Here you see images of Mauritius. The County was very beautiful especially down south. Very good roads to get around. 

This is one of the most famous stamps in the world shown on this stamp , the Blue two pence Mauritius Post Office stamp. It is a very interesting story how this stamp became so rare and I am sure you can google it and  read it. The excellent Special Museum has a original stamp on show. It is very well done with special low lights. A must visit to anyone interested in stamps in Mauritius. 

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