Monday, 26 May 2014

Indonesia- Sumatra and Kalimantan

Asia-Sumatra-Bukit Lawang  A fantastic first stop after Jakarta. Had a wonderful time up here staying at a lodge in the rain forest. The day we spend looking for the Orangutan's was very special. I have many photos and all as close as the one in this postcard. Even the nearby village was lovely to walk through in the evenings. This area of Indonesia is also a World Heritage Site. 

There was no Post office, but there were a few postbox in the local village. 

Asia-Kalimantan-Banjarmasin  This city is right on the river in Kalamantan the Indonesian side of Borneo. I had been to the Malaysian side which to be honest has much more to offer in my opinion. The  highlight in Banjarmasin was the visit the floating market early in the morning. Very colourful and lots to see . This trip you are on a small boat along with the sellers. so very enjoyable. 

I could not find a postcard in Banjarmasin. Luckily the Post office had this free postcards to give out. In Indonesia I must have got at least 3 different rates for mailing Postcards from here. I never did find out the correct rate! 


  1. Different regions in Indonesia charge different rates for postage. Rates are different whether you send something from Java or Borneo or Sumatra. -- That said, I still am told a different rate every time I go to the post office in Jakarta. I think it depends more on what stamps are available and their mood on that day! ;-)

  2. Seeing Orangutan's in their natural habitat must be a unique and unforgettable experience!

  3. Ok very interesting , thank you for informing me re the different rates. I had not seen this before in any other country. Yes I agree re what stamps are available or not. Yes seeing the Orangutan's was amazing. Many years before had been to the park in Sabah that at that time let you hold the small ones hand and they walked with you. But doubt if that is allowed now.