Tuesday, 27 May 2014

World Heritage Sites in Indonesia

Asia-Indonesia-Borobudur   On the Island of Java . One of the very best World Heritage Sites I have ever visited. Really breathtaking when you see Borobudur for the first time. Spent many hours here enjoying this wonderful site. 

Went to the local Post office and as such a Borobudur postmark. I have been informed that there is in fact different rates in Indonesia for posting, depending on where you are sending from. I wonder does this happen in any other country? 

Asia-Indonesia-Prambanan  Another gem of a place and a World Heritage Site  to visit. You can see why this part of Java has so much to see. Indonesia is also very cheap compared to other countries to visit in relation to day to day costs. A very vibrant country. 

I think I posted this in the main Post office in the nearest city. I had brought most of the stamps with me from the Philatelic section in Jakarta. 

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