Monday, 5 May 2014


North America-United States of America-Miami  This was the cruise ship I did that trip on that has been uploaded featuring the Caribbean. I have been on a good few Carnival Ships, I would say they at the Value end of the market. Still it got me to where I wanted to go and the bedrooms are larger then most. 

Despite what the card says, the end stop was in fact Miami. I got confused as I had started in Fort Lauderdale , but the ship sailed from Miami. Great set of stamps here. . Normally I don't put this here, but moved over to Mac from a PC this week. So it takes a bit of time sorting all out. But getting there. A least I am now also getting all my photos in order so when I get to the stage of uplifting those, they should be in some order. . 

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  1. David, would you mind telling me if you got the card on the ship or land?