Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Amsterdam - Culture

This is the back of the Postcard from the Van Gogh museum . The stamps were part of the Anne Frank set I had purchased in the Anne Frank Museum 

Europe-Netherlands-Amsterdam   I have been planning to visit the Anne Frank house /museum. But every time I did plan to go the line was too long. However this time I made sure I planned it. I was there very early sunday morning and second in line. It was worth it. I am very interested in history and enjoyed the museum very much. Here is a postcard showing part of the famous diary. 

I had no luck buying different stamps while in The Netherlands. However on Sale at retail prices was a set of stamps isssued before to commemorate  Anne Frank. One stamp showing inside and the other part of the diary. 

Europe-Netherlands-Amsterdam This card is to celebrate my visit to the Van Gogh museum. I also wanted to find out how to pronounce the name Van Gogh as I had noticed a different pronunciation in the USA as against Europe. I found out that in Dutch we both said it incorrectly . I cant pronounce it here, but you need to use the back of your throat to say Van Gogh. The museum was very interesting even though most of the works were lesser known. However the above Painting "The Bedroom " is well known and great to see in real life.  

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