Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tashkent - Uzbekistan

Asia-Uzbekistan-Taskhent  Not often that I find a postcard of the main Post office. You can see it is of the old style large Post office type that we no longer see in Europe. I have a love of Post offices and always spend some extra time especially in the Main Post office in a capital city. 

The Post office in Taskhkent had many counters and was not busy. The Philatelic counter had its own shop in the main concourse. They had a full selection of stamps going as far back as independence from the USSR. So it was great to be able to browse the available selection of stamps. 

Asia-Uzbekistan-Tashkent  Uzbekistan is a fantastic country to visit tourist wise. There is so much to see and was at the centre of trade when the Silk road was at its height. Cash had to be exchanged at the black market and myself and my friends all had bundles of cash to carry around to pay for meals and so on. It is not an expensive country and a must see in Asia. 

Here are some of the latest stamps issued the year I was in Uzbekistan in 2012. A very clear postmark. 

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