Monday, 2 June 2014

Bali and Timor Leste

Asia-Lesser Sunda Islands-Bali-Denpasar This is the Temple Para Ulum Damu which is a World Heritage Site. Bali has so many beautiful sites and is rather different then the rest of Indonesia. 

I had send 3 cards back from different parts of Bali. However all arrive home with no postmarks. So I had to send them back . Of those 3 only this one made it back. 

Asia-Timor Leste-Dili  This is a view of the city from the sea. Dili is still recovering from the war that was on here and at that time the UN were still stationed here. It had a interesting mix of Portuguese restaurants and local mix .There is not a lot to see in Dili, but it was great to get into the countryside. The roads are appalling and mean it takes longer to get anywhere. Still delighted to get here. I had seen the very first TV  programme on East Timor by John Pillager and that gave me a great interest in East Timor. 

Dili has a new state of the art Post Office, donated by the Republic of Korea. So clean it looked like a hospital. Very little business being done in the Post Office, so plenty of time to talk with the officials. They had a display of stamps and was able to select . 

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