Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sulawesi and West Papua

Asia-Sulawesi-Makassar The main city in Sulawesi. I really should have gone up north but my time would not allow it as one must travel inland by road. So stayed here . Not a lot to see, but Fort Rotterdam from the time of the Dutch was interesting. 

A great mix of stamps and one showing former Presidents of Indonesia. 

Asia-Irian Jaya-Papua-Wamena-Baliem Valley What a fantastic place to visit. This postcard alone would not do it justice. Flew from Jayapura is the largest city in West Papua to the Beliem Valley. On arrival I seen quite a number of locals who were litterly naked. So a bit of a interesting culture shock. The local Papuans were great to be with a a visit to a local village with a Pig feast was a sure highlight. Just like the postcard I have photos of same people dressed the same. It is a big pity that West Papua is part of Indonesia. Now more and more of their culture is getting lost by the large number of Indonesians who are moving here. But in the Beliem Valley very few Indonesians. West Papua Fascinating for sure. 

I posted this card in the Post office near the airport in Wamena. I also tried to send a card when in Jayapura the main city but there was no postcards to be found.


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