Saturday, 28 June 2014

World Heritage Sites - Uzbekistan

Asia-Uzbekistan-Bukhara  What a wonderful city to visit. The old city is quite small and easy to walk around. Full of atmosphere. This Postcard is exactly how it looked. Bukhara is a World Heritage Site. 

This card was posted in the local Post office. This was right down town and I had to use the mail box outside as the Post office was closed. I had purchased these stamps in Tashkent. 

Asia-Uzbekistan-Khiva  This place takes your breath away. Spend a wonderful few days here. Got here by overnight train which was so much fun. Another World Heritage Site. 

The Post office was a little off the main street, but was able to drop this in at the counter. I should also have a card from Samarkand. But I had made a mistake which I never really do . While walking around I seen a sign for "Post Office" . It was very handy and near the tourist sights. I had the cards already written and also the stamps. So I just needed to hand them in . However I soon discovered that it was in fact a tourist shop even though it had Post office sign outside. I did not make a purchase in the shop and left the postcards in a basket , like many others. The cards never made it home. I should have just made sure as I usually do that they were posted at a regular Post Office. 

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