Thursday, 17 July 2014


Asia-Bhutan-Paro   Bhutan what a beautiful country to visit. Made the long trek up to the Tigers Nest. Went up part by small horse and walked back down. But well worth it. This is like the postcard the area where everyone takes a photo. Reminded me of Machu Picchu , everyone in the same spot taking photos. However not as crowed on this trip. 

I had a great time in the Philatelic office at the Post office. They had loads and loads of stamps. I even found a stamp shop down town. They even had for sale the rare famous Gramophone stamps that you could play on your record player. They were on sale for over 1200 USD. 

Asia-Bhutan-Punakha  Stayed overnight in this area. This is the Punakha Dxong . A lot of the buildings have this look. Bhutan is very picturesque and quite. It is like a world within a world. 

I see this was canceled in Thimphu the capital of Bhutan. Stamps were on sale on many outlets including souvenir shops . The older stamps had a premium if you did not purchase from the Post office. 


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