Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bangladesh and Nepal

Asia-Bangladesh-Dhaka This postcard is showing the Fort Mosque in Dhaka. It is a pity I have only one postcard from Bangladesh. But my other postcards never got postmarked so I don't show them here. Bangladesh was a great adventure. Started in Dhaka and went to the famous World Heritage Sundarbans , where there maybe tigers if ever one was to see one. But the great part is travelling by the " Rocket " which is a very old steamer like what is on the Mississippi . Lots of life to see in the countryside and the city. The people are very friendly. 

The main Post office is like a old Colonial building from the 1950s. In the Post office went to a very good Philatelic office with  a full selection. To make sure the postcard was cancelled I was brought into the cancelling office and there and then my postcard was postmarked. I even took a photo . 

Asia-Nepal-Kathmandu  Nearly did not make it here , as my flight on Biman Airlines was cancelled and I got here a day later. So did not have my full time in Nepal. However it is very interesting. It is crowed with tourists in the main area. It is very cheap as is all this part of my trip. Lot of old historic sites to see. This is Durbar Square and one of the many buildings in this area of significant  interest. It is also a World Heritage Site. 

I could never find the Philatelic section in the post office as there was hardly anyone in the office. So happy under the circumstance to come away with stamps. 


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