Sunday, 13 July 2014

Curacao and Aruba

Caribbean-Curacao-Willemsted  This is my second time here. I have enjoyed Curacao and this time was no exception. The very colourful houses on the waterfront and that area is great to walk around. This part of Willemsted is a World Heritage Site. 

Since I was last here Curacao had it owns stamps again. So Curacao stamps. Same post office. In fact they had a lot of the old Netherlands Antilles stamps still on display. 

Caribbean-Aruba-Oranjestad This island was full of cruise passengers when I arrived. To be fair to Aruba I had only one overnight here , but it seemed a place just for shopping and lying on the beach. But I guess that is what a lot of people come to the Caribbean for. 

I went to the Post office on the Quay area where all the cruise ships come in . Apparently this is not the main post office. They had little or no choice. This is unusual for the Caribbean. I was not in the form of walking or trying to find the main post office. 


  1. David, I took that walk to the Main Post Office in Aruba, the walk was long and hot, I got lost a couple of times. However , in the end, it was worth it, a huge , clean building with lots of stamps to see and buy in the Philatelic section. But,there was still that hot, long walk back.
    Take care, Glenn

  2. The Aruba card is my favorite one. I want to go to vacations :)

  3. HI Glenn, well sort of sorry I did not go to the main Post office in Aruba. I was just to tired.

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