Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Caracas Venezuela

South America-Venezuela-Caracas  I got a good deal on a flight and went to Caracas for the weekend. I knew a friend down there who took me around as it was considered to be unsafe for tourists. So I limited my travels to main areas. In saying that Caracas felt lively and busy. I did take the ride up to the top on the cable car as per this postcard. Changing money is a nightmare here with many exchange rates. If you paid the government exchange rates you would find a Burger at the airport to be about 15 USD. !! Currently not a easy country to visit as a tourist. 

Venezuela must have one if not the worst postal service in the world. This postcard took 10 months to get back to me. In fact I sent 4 postcards from different locations and this is the only one that made it home. I had a friend who send me a card a few years ago and the card took over one year !! Finding a post office was not easy . My local friend did not even know where to go as the main  post office was closed for renovation. So I did find one which was not busy. I had a long chat with the postal official and maybe that helped find my card home. I was told that no one uses the Post office, if you need to send something must be DHL. 

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