Thursday, 21 August 2014

Nairobi and Masi Mara - Kenya

Africa-Kenya-Nairobi I was a little bit concerned going to Nairobi as I was told it was a dangerous city from a tourist point of view. I was careful as usual and found no issues. There was a  lot of security around . The city is modern compared to other African capitals. Not so much to see here . 

I did mention Security. I nearly got arrested for taking photos of the Main Post office. I had to go to the head of security and explain why I would want to take a photo of a post office. Luckily all ended well. The Philatelic section charge a Tax charge on stamps as they believe they are not for postage. I had to pay more and was told that if I just wanted postage stamps well then I could go to the stamp counter. Unfortunately these Anniversary of Independence stamps were only available at the Philatelic Counter. 

Africa-Kenya-Masi Mara  This was the key reason for my trip to Kenya, the Masi Mara. It is wonderful and even better then I had thought. It was my second safari , the other being Botswana. But this was better and my first time to see lions up close. Pretty amazing this trip and stayed in a tented rooms in the Masi Mara. One of those trips you never forget. 

Sad to say there is no Post office near the area of Masi Mara I stayed or even a Postbox. So I took my card back to Nairobi to mail back home. 


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