Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Africa-Malawi-Blantyre  Finding a suitable postcard in Blantyre was like trying to find Hens Teeth. Malawi felt even poorer then Burundi in parts. Again every one was very friendly and in Blantyre there were a good number of nice hotels. Explored the National Park and it was a great preview for the next trip to Kenya. Always lots to see in daily life on the way around the country. 

The main Post office in Blantyre had a nice show cabinet with stamps, but when I got to the counter they had only this stamp available. It was a large Post office but staff were not very interested in doing too much work. In saying that in some countries they run out of stamps, so one has to be grateful to get what is available. 

Africa-Malawi-Lake Malawi  Pure heaven here. Well worth the bad roads , but great scenery. The sand was very nice as was the very welcoming owners of this place. Plenty of R and R before the next busy trip to Kenya. Lake Malawi is a World Heritage Site. 

The nearest Post office to the area on Lake Malawi was Monkey Bay. The Post office was closed when I got there so this went into the letter box outside. 

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