Monday, 18 August 2014


Africa-Rwanda-Kigali   Kigali is quite a hilly city. Coming to here from Uganda you could not but think of the civil war that was here. My first visit was to the Genocide museum. This was very powerful and a good starting point to understand what when on here. I had read a few books on this so was very interested. Rwanda is a small and quite crowed place. 

The Post office had a prime spot on the way down from my hotel. It was the same hotel that the film Hotel Rwanda was based on. The Post office  was clean and well kept but only one window for transactions. There were no philatelic supplies of stamps to choose from 

Africa-Rwanda-Huye  This is a Waterbuck . You will see many of these in Rwanda. Rwanda is very well known for the Mountain Gorillas here. This area is right on the border with Uganda. They are easier to see here then Uganda and the road access is better from the airport. But had seen them in Uganda so gave that a miss. By the way the permit to see Gorillas is USD 500 in Uganda and USD 750 in Rwanda. At least that way the local village people gain from making sure the Gorillas are minded and cared for. 

These are the definitive stamps from Rwanda . 

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