Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bujumbura Burundi

Africa-Burundi-Bujumbura  It is not often I put a card up here from a hotel , but this was a very nice hotel on lake Tanganyika. A lot of French soldiers on leave staying here. It was worth having some time out from this hectic African trip. 

Posted this card in the main Post office in Bujumbura. The ladies there at the counter were eager to please and show what stamps they had. 

Africa-Burundi-Bujumbura  Here is  photo of a lake . Bujumbura is a very interesting city to visit. It is full of life and busy. I did not see any other Europeans walking around the city, so was very careful . Had a wonderful meal near the lake with great service and a full choice. Prices here very low. 

I especially like this stamp with Dancing in national colours. I have say I came away from Burundi with a very favourable view of the people 


  1. Hi David,
    What a great view of the hotel on lake Tanganyika!
    As for the first stamp (Gorilla) shown in your post, I searched for the same stamp at the usual online stamp catalogue I visit and found out that it was issued on 2011, March 15. It is part of a 3-stamp set entitled Monkeys of Burundi.

  2. HI Kevin, yes I think I got it as part of a miniature sheet?